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  • What is LGV/HGV training?

    LGV/HGV training is a program that prepares individuals to obtain the necessary qualifications and skills to operate large goods vehicles such as trucks and lorries.

  • What are the different categories of LGV/HGV licenses in the UK?

    In the UK, LGV/HGV licenses are categorised as Category C1, Category C, and Category C+E. These licenses cover different sizes and types of goods vehicles.

  • What are the eligibility requirements for LGV/HGV training in the UK?

    To apply for LGV/HGV training in the UK, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid car driving license. You also need to meet certain health and medical standards.

  • How long does LGV/HGV training typically take in the UK?

    The duration of LGV/HGV training can vary depending on the type of license and your prior experience. Training programs can range from a few days to several weeks.

  • What does LGV/HGV training involve in the UK?

    LGV/HGV training in the UK includes both theoretical and practical components. It covers topics like vehicle safety, road regulations, vehicle maintenance, and practical driving skills for large goods vehicles.

  • How much does LGV/HGV training cost in the UK?

    The cost of LGV/HGV training can vary widely based on the training provider, location, and the type of license you're pursuing. It is essential to understand the offer. Some training locations will offer lower prices and usually you will end up with less training. If a training school indicates they are nationwide be wary as they are just middlemen agents and do not own any vehicles or employ instructors. They simply take you money and sell you to the lowest bidder.

  • Do I need to pass a theory test for LGV/HGV training in the UK?

    Yes, most LGV/HGV training programs in the UK require you to pass a theory test covering topics such as road signs, safety regulations, and vehicle operation.

  • What is the practical test like for LGV/HGV training in the UK?

    The practical test typically involves demonstrating your ability to operate a large goods vehicle safely. You'll be evaluated on various aspects, including vehicle control, safety checks, and adherence to traffic regulations.

  • What happens after I pass the LGV/HGV test in the UK?

    Once you pass the LGV/HGV test, you can apply for your LGV/HGV license. You can then start working as an LGV/HGV driver, either as an employee for a company or as a self-employed driver.

  • Are there additional training requirements after obtaining an LGV/HGV license in the UK?

    Continuous professional development (CPD) is encouraged for LGV/HGV drivers in the UK. Periodic training and refresher courses are available to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date.

  • Can I drive an LGV/HGV abroad with my UK LGV/HGV license?

    It's essential to check the specific requirements for driving LGVs/HGVs in other countries. Some countries may recognise UK licenses, while others may require additional documentation.

  • How do I find a reputable LGV/HGV training provider in the UK?

    Avoid agents and middlemen. If they cannot invite you to their office/depot or are reluctant then the chances are they are just marketing agents pressure selling and then sub-contracting to real driving schools. For these agents its profit over quality. You do not have an option to choose the driving school.

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