CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) FAQs

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  • What is Initial CPC training?

    Initial CPC training is a mandatory training program for new professional drivers in the UK. It includes a case study test and a practical demonstration test to ensure that drivers have the essential skills and knowledge to operate safely on the roads.

  • Why is Initial CPC training required?

    The purpose of Initial CPC training is to ensure that newly qualified drivers possess the necessary competence, understanding of regulations, and practical skills to safely operate commercial vehicles.

  • What does the case study test involve?

    The case study test is part of the Initial CPC training and assesses a driver's ability to handle real-life scenarios. It includes multiple-choice questions based on various situations that drivers may encounter on the road.

  • What is the practical demonstration test?

    The practical demonstration test assesses a driver's ability to perform specific safety-related tasks. It includes demonstrating proper vehicle safety checks, securing loads, and handling emergency situations.

  • How long does Initial CPC training take to complete?

    The duration of Initial CPC training can vary, but there are no mandatory training hours. The case study and practical demonstration tests are taken as part of this training.

  • When should I complete Initial CPC training?

    New professional drivers must complete Initial CPC training before obtaining their full professional driving license. It is a mandatory requirement for those entering the industry.

  • Can I take Initial CPC training online?

    No, the case study and practical demonstration tests for Initial CPC must be taken in person at an approved training centre https://www.jaupt.org.uk/centres/AC01164

  • How often do I need to renew my Initial CPC qualification?

    The Initial CPC qualification does not need to be renewed. Once completed, it remains valid as long as you maintain your regular CPC training, also known as Periodic CPC, every five years.

  • Can I start working as a professional driver without completing Initial CPC training?

    No, completing Initial CPC training is a legal requirement before obtaining a full professional driving license and starting work as a professional driver.

  • Is there a deadline to complete Initial CPC training after obtaining a provisional license?

    It's advisable to complete Initial CPC training as soon as possible after obtaining a provisional license.

  • What happens if I fail the case study or practical demonstration test?

    If you fail either the case study or practical demonstration test, you can retake the specific test. It's essential to review the feedback provided and address any areas that need improvement.

  • Can I drive professionally in the UK without Initial CPC training?

    No, professional driving in the UK, for both new and existing drivers, requires completion of Initial CPC training as a legal prerequisite.

  • What is the difference between initial and periodic CPC?

    Initial CPC is a one-time training program for new drivers seeking their first full professional driving license, while Periodic CPC is ongoing training required for all professional drivers to maintain and update their skills throughout their careers. Both types of CPC are integral to ensuring the safety and competence of professional drivers in the transport industry.

  • How do I check my periodic CPC hours?

    You can check how many valid or expired hours you have by registering at https://www.gov.uk/check-your-driver-cpc-periodic-training-hours

  • What do I get when I pass or complete my CPC training?

    On completion the training school will inform the DVSA and a DQC (Driver Qualification card) will be posted to your registered address within in 14 days.

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